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Innovation – A Short Story

After being given the spiel about how innovative, forward-thinking and well run the business is, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “How do I request a payment?” I asked, after not being able to find the right area on the computer screen. “Ahh” said the owner, “hang on” He opens his cabinet and pulls out a wad of pink notes. Searches the office a bit more, and then pulls out a wad of blue notes. Leaves the room and comes back with a set of yellow notes. “Fill out the yellow note for any office money, the pink one for client money, […]

Is Seller Finance The Worst or Best Possible Result For a Departing Owner?

Having gone through many deals one of the most interesting things I’ve come across is seller finance. The interest comes from the fact of how different seller finance is viewed by departing owners. I don’t need to tell you, but when a business owner wants to sell his business he obviously wants all his payment up-front. A buyer on the other hand, will do his darned best to avoid paying anything up-front at all. This chasm is why seller finance is so potent in today’s deal-making world. What Is Seller Finance? Seller finance may be known by different names, depending […]

How To Double Your Revenue Within 6 Months Without Those Pesky Digital Marketers

You’ve had the countless cold emails. And the countless cold calls. Heck, I’ve even been guilty of sending some myself. “Hey, we can multiply your revenue using social media marketing…let’s hop on a call to discuss” [translated as: let’s talk so I can find out how much money you have to make up my price-tag]. You get so many you think, jeeeez how about you hop, skip and jump tf outta here…but you’re too professional to actually say that. So what makes this article and click-bait headline different? Multiply Your Business Well…because here we’re going to discuss a legitimate way to double, […]